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Under Construction, check back later


Under Construction, check back later

That famous line “if you build it, they will come” is not always true when applied to learning programs! Learners need to be continuously and consistently reminded of the training programs and content available to them – through ongoing program marketing and promotion. Generating excitement and awareness around your learning program is easy and fun, leveraging our marketing and communication resources!

The best in class learning organizations establish an ongoing marketing strategy to ensure learners know what is available and receive regular reminders about the valuable resources to which they have access.

To make it even easier for you, we've developed a tool to save you time by personalizing our marketing templates with curated content and links. Check out the available themes and topics below to get started!

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Monthly Featured Templates Every month, Skillsoft releases a new featured topic. These topics are often related to important dates or occurrences set to occur during the month but may also promote other hot topics that we're seeing across our customer base.

New templates are released 1 month in advance so check back often.
Launch & Re-Launch Marketing These templates will help you plan for a launch, re-launch, or migration of your learning program. Included are a series of messages to build awareness and excitement about the upcoming event and then there are also post-launch materials to keep learners coming back.
Promote Platform Features

Percipio Feature Videos
Most learners don't know how powerful of a tool Percipio can be. Use these materials to educate them about how to take their learning into their own hands and get the most out of their learning experience.
Universal Marketing Templates These generic templates can be adapted to suit a wide variety of topics or initiatives.
Topic Marketing These templates are targeted toward specific topics within the Skillsoft library and contain language and content recommendations that are specific to that topic.
Journeys Marketing Aspire Journeys provide learners with a learning roadmap that will take them from a total beginner to a master. These can be great for targeting groups of users who need a structured learning path around a specific topic.
Live Events Marketing

Bootcamps Marketing
Skillsoft offers a variety of live learning opportunities that include Leadercamps, Live Events, and Bootcamps. Live Events and Leadercamps provide users with a chance to hear from thought leaders while Bootcamps are delivered by highly qualified instructors and are often (but not always) aligned with certification requirements.

Check out our live bootcamp calendar to see all upcoming sessions.
New Habit Calendar New Habit Calendars will help your learners build new skills and healthy habits one day at a time. When you click on each day in the calendar, you are directed to a quick, just-in-time learning asset – most of which you can consume in under 4 minutes! See an example calendar here.
Certifications & CEU/PDU Marketing Many users are interested in the more than 100 certification paths offered by Skillsoft or perhaps they want to maintain an existing certification with our CEU/PDU approved content. Promoting this content can raise awareness about the professional growth opportunities available to them.

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