Ryan Noell

Manager, Edgeucation Production,
Learning and Development,
SCP Distributors LLC

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SCP Distributors LLC
5648 Copley Dr
San Diego, CA
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Ryan has been with POOLCORP since February 1998 and has worked in California as counter sales in both Orange and Escondido as well as the Operations Manager in San Diego for three years. Previously, he worked for a Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath warranty station as Warehouse Manager since 1993. He brings with him great experience in the pool industry, operations and customer service.

Through his work as a presenter for POOLCORP’s management, customer service, public speaking and operations programs, he has proven to be dynamic, innovative and creative. He is a natural in leading classes and ensures that all education is enjoyable, practical and meaningful to each of his students.

Since 2001, Ryan’s primary responsibilities, in addition to creating and facilitating training programs for all employees, is linking the world of technology to POOLCORP EDGEucation - that is, accessing the company Gateway for programs and training, along with the marketing side of the department. These allow the Education department to provide a greater amount of information and media to a greater number of employees while offering a practical skill development for all levels of employees, managers and customers at POOLCORP.

After being invited to help create POOLCORP's training department, Ryan's role has always expanded with technology and company culture to incorporate more dynamic and exciting responsibilities.


• Learning management system (LMS) administrator
• Instructional designer for all course content
• POOLCORP video production
• Multimedia and content creator for all company departments (videos, animations, graphics, creative elements, etc.)
• administrator and coordinator of online resources
• Online newsletter creator, author and editor
• Presenter and training specialist of customer service, management, public speaking and operations
• Archiving and sourcing of company videos, media and presentations
• Media director for in-person company conference events
• While our team continues to develop cutting-edge training programs, maintain a state-of-the-art learning center and educate our company's future leaders, it is my responsibility to ensure that this is a smooth, seamless process while making it a memorable experience.


Video Production (example below)
Every POOLCORP training video (and a majority of our corporate videos) have come across my desk, in one form or another. With a production studio in Encinitas, California, I continue to produce custom training content in direct response to upcoming programs, the direction of our company and based on what field employees have requested.

To produce a polished, professional training video, the process is quite extensive, usually involving scripts, storyboards, voice-overs, lighting, filming, editing and finally, producing the final video sequences.

Many of the videos produced (above) are developed into a formal online course at, POOLCORP’s Learning Management System with over 15,000 assets available.

Each custom course is built from scratch, as I work closely with content experts to determine the learning objectives, organizing the content to include, which method will best suit the material and learner and of course, the final assessment. This is all "packaged" and uploaded into POOLCORP Learning and organized to be available to the all users.

Finally, with so many courses, employees and daily logins, it is my responsibility to administer the site to ensure it operates smoothly and courses play without error.

Graphic Design
To keep all training content consistent and engaging, I create the presentations, posters, workbooks, logos, graphics, etc. Whether taking photographs and editing within Photoshop or creating catchy, eye-popping logos in Illustrator, this is one of the many, fun, creative parts of my job.

EDGE Insight Employee Development Newsletter
Each month, our team and other content experts, write articles to be included into the EDGE Insight Employee Development newsletter. It is up to me to create the layout, images, formatting and distribution of this valuable and informative digital resource.
As an employee, you have an incredible amount of resources available to you and most you can learn about from (password: success). I handle the organization and maintenance of this site so that each employee can access learning from anywhere, anytime.

Sales Conferences
POOLCORP hosts multiple conferences throughout the year for both employees and customers. For over 30 conferences, I have been responsible for directing the general sessions and meals, creating opening videos and any other media, organizing all content to be displayed and to film then create on-site, the final closing video. This video is then distributed for those who could not attend and all content is archived for future use.

Our conferences are:
• POOLCORP International Sales Conference and Vendor Showcase
• POOLCORP Retail Summit
• Horizon National Sales Conference


Job History

EDGEucation Production Manager
San Diego, CA, United States
February 1998 - present

Honors and Awards

Above & Beyond (Employee Recognition Award)