Engage Leaders in Learning with a Meeting in a Box

By Scott Elvin posted 11-15-2021 13:55


Team leads, managers, supervisors, and other leaders are all uniquely positioned across your business to help support or hinder learning initiatives. They are the ones on the front lines who know what training their people need or what challenges their team might be facing and they have the ability to champion learning within their teams. Your learning culture starts with how well your leaders support your learning initiatives so what are you doing to make sure they are included in your company’s learning strategy?

Meeting in a Box (though you can call it whatever you want) is a framework developed by Skillsoft that provides a low effort, high reward activity for leaders. It consists of a package that has everything they would need to host a learning discussion with their team about topics important to your business. The package includes:

  •  Job Aid with step-by-step instructions for the leader to follow.
  • Marketing template to be distributed by the manager to their team
  • Pre-made discussion questions for the manager to host a learning discussion

Your role, should you choose to accept it, is to coordinate the package that leaders receive. That might seem like a lot but we’ve done everything we can to make sure it’s as simple and fast as possible. To do this, we’ve already curated several ready to use packages for you based on some of the most popular topics across the Skillsoft business. However, if you’re feeling adventurous then we’ve also provided a blank template for you to craft your own Meeting in a Box around any topic you want. Aligning content to your business priorities, whether with the pre-curated templates or ones of your own creation, is an excellent way to make the learning meaningful, impactful, and engaging. That's why Skillsoft offers a free content mapping service to help you find the right content for your initiative. Ask your account team for more info or learn more about curating content and aligning your solution in the Nov 17 Ask Me Anything session, add it to your calendar today!

You might be asking, why do all of this, what’s in it for me and my company? The Meeting in a Box framework is an excellent option for companies who want to do something a bit different that also has a number of other expected benefits, as follows: 

  • Engage staff at all levels
  • Provide managers with actionable, low effort, things to do
  • Promote content organically within teams
  • Managers become positioned as learning leaders within teams.
  • Tie learning back to organizational objectives by grounding the discussion in the context of your business.
  • A layer of accountability is added as learners must view the resources in order to participate in the discussion.
  • Encourage social learning (70-20-10) to help identify challenges and/or best practices related to the topic.
  • Can be used standalone or easily tied in with existing leadership programming as a reinforcement or follow-on activity.
  • Leverage micro-learning assets in a structured way (if applicable).

Download Here

We hope you’ll give the Meeting in a Box framework a try and we welcome any feedback or stories you might have around how you’ve been able to successfully engage your leaders in learning!




3 days ago

Just got  our Leadership team's approval for rolling out our Meeting in a Box monthly topics.  Up first Goal Setting! Thank you for this amazing resource.

12-07-2021 10:23

I love this!!  Thank you so much for curating this and promoting it on this page.  We plan to incorporate these meetings in a box into our new Learning Labs.  Thank you Skillsoft for helping make my job easier!