Percipio Compliance & Compliance Integration Library Maintenance

By Robbyn McGrath posted 10-04-2021 13:17

Skillsoft often needs to replace a stock Compliance course with an updated or new version. Courses are replaced automatically and require no action from an administrator. However, in some instances, a learner assigned a course that's scheduled for replacement may have to take action to prevent the need to restart the course.

Minor updates
Minor updates to a course such as fixing a typo or slightly changing a regulation or standard are typically made within the scope of the existing course structure, in which case a new version of the course is released but the course code does not change.

When the course code does not change, the new course is made available immediately (within an hour) and requires no action from learners assigned the course. The next time the learner launches the course, the updated content is included.

Major updates
Major updates to a course such as a planned course improvement, new course objectives, or significant changes to regulations, typically result in a new course structure, in which case a new course code is required.

When the course code changes, it can take up to two weeks for the course to become available. In this instance, learners who are assigned the course will see a notice informing them that one or more of their assigned courses is scheduled for replacement. The notice displays on the Percipio Compliance Learner page and provides a link that opens a page with a list of the scheduled courses.

In the Updated Compliance Courses Coming Soon page, each course is listed by title and includes the new and previous course numbers, and the replacement date.

Note: Administrators can view this page at any time at the following location: 
If the learners already completed the assigned course, no action is required.

If any learners started the course but did not complete it, they have up until the replacement date to do so. If they do not complete the course before the replacement date, they must restart the course from the beginning.

About course data
When a course is replaced with a new version, only the course data such as the Skillsoft course code (for example esh_sah_a01_01_enus), the course description, and the modified content are updated.

The Compliance Course ID in the database remains the same. This allows all data related to the course to remain intact such as assignments, reports, saved report filters, email distributions for certain courses, etc.

This automated process ensures your learners always have access to the most accurate and up-to-date courses available, without the need for any manual intervention.


Where can we see updates? What resources should I be aware of? 

The Skillsoft Learning Edge has a compliance community specifically for updates:

 Compliance Content Updates - Skillsoft Corporation - LOOKING FOR COMPLIANCE CONTENT UPDATES? CLICK HERE. 

To provide better insight into our upcoming course replacement schedule, we are releasing an early look at the titles that will be affected in the coming month. These course replacements reflect the latest developments in legislation within the given jurisdiction and ensures our customers have access to the most up-to-date course content available. It also provides learners with refreshed course materials featuring our latest video-based architecture, treatments and instructional design.

As we look forward to the next half of the year, we are excited to continue our work to release new content and update our existing library. Our Skillsoft Compliance team remains focused on providing our customers with the content they need to manage risk and safeguard their workers.

In the coming 90 days, we will release new Workplace Harassment Prevention content specific to the retail industry and release additional cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection content in Bahasa IND, Bahasa MA, and Czech languages.

Creating a shared vision is important in all organizations. Training creates a baseline for the whole team. Employees come to the training with different backgrounds, lived experiences, and understandings of what discrimination means, and of concepts like anti-racism, harassment, and violence prevention. Employers need to set expectations for how an organization approaches these concepts. To help organizations with these goals, Skillsoft Compliance will be releasing courses covering LGBTQ+ and racial protections against discrimination and harassment and a course covering the prevention of workplace violence.

Below is a snapshot of Skillsoft’s recently released Compliance content and development schedule for the next 90 days.

*Disclaimer: This roadmap depicts our intended release dates, which can fluctuate based on emerging market needs.

Skillsoft 90 Release Calendar- Skillsoft Release Calendar - Skillsoft

Best Practices for Compliance Content Review, Retirement & Record Keeping:

 The current review window for replacement courses is 2 weeks

I’d recommend checking every Monday- click here to add a reminder to your calendar

At this time, you will be able to pull down transcript from course player or by request- contact your Skillsoft Account Team for more information.


Question: What happens to courses that do not have a 1:1 replacement?

Answer: We will update titles that do not have 1:1 replacement with “Retired” and these courses will need to be inactivated/manually removed from your LMS library.


Question: If the courses are automatically replaced, how do I know what version I am using.

Answer: The numeric code for course stays the same with 1:1 replacement but the lch_ or esh_ codes will change. This will help you understand what course you are using, and what course your learners have completed.

If you have additional questions about course versions, or need help locating the transcript or post production maintenance notes for any course, please reach out to your Skillsoft account team.


Question: Do I have to manually remove content that has been completely replaced?

Answer: The previous version is completely replaced and removed from library. No need to do anything additional.


Question: How can I keep an eye on what is coming, and view recommendations for courses that do not have a 1:1 replacement?

Answer: There is a great Compliance replacement report on our Learning Edge. You will be able to see all 1:1 replacements along with recommended titles where there may not have been a 1:1.