Let's Talk Tech & Dev: New Live Courses and How to Access Them!

By Michelle Vonderau posted 10-22-2021 11:26


If I am a learner who is interested in upskilling in the Technology and Developer area, I have access to some amazing Aspire Journeys to help drive transformational changes in my organization. As of the September 25, 2021 release, I have access to even better resources with the integration of the new Global Knowledge live course offerings. Currently, the following journeys in my Technology and Developer library have new complimentary VILT sessions added:

  • DevOps Engineer to Cloud Architect
  • Infrastructure Support Engineer to CloudOps Engineer
  • Business Analyst to Data Analyst
  • Security Threat Intelligence
  • Enterprise Developer to DevOpsEngineer

Registering for this amazing new offering is different than what I’m used to, so I put together some screen shots to help my colleagues navigate the new process.

 First, I would browse through the library to the Technology and Developer Aspire Journeys:

Browse to Tech & Dev Aspire Journeys
Next, I’ll scroll to my journey of interest. In this example, I’m looking to go from DevOps Engineer to Cloud Architect:

Once I’ve gotten through a couple of tracks in the journey, I decide I would like to pursue some of the supplemental resources and with that, I see there are some live courses offered. This is super cool! I am particularly interested in the AWS Discovery Day offering:

Once I click on the tile I am taken to a new page to Register for the offering.

Once I click to register, I am taken to the registration page. 

This is when things got a little confusing for me because it’s very new.  Even though the title of the course reads "Free Live Course", I saw the option to “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” and got nervous. But once I tested it out I realized it’s a $0.00 item and is no additional cost. I understand there will be changes that come in time with the new integration, but it looks like this is my process for now.

When I got to the registration page, there is a drop down menu which brings up a form to collect all my information for completing the registration.

I noticed there is an option to add another person. As a Learning Coordinator or Admin, you can add multiple people at the time of registration without having to repeat the steps for each learner.

After submitting all of my information, I simply clicked “PLACE ORDER”.  There is no need for any type of promo code.

After submitting my information, I received a confirmation screen, so I knew I had completed my registration.

A few minutes later, I received two emails. One was a meeting invite so I could add the course day and time to my calendar and the other requires a few steps to setup my account (which is called MyGK).  This doesn’t have to be done immediately, but it does have to be done in order to access the course.  I went ahead and setup my account so I wouldn’t forget to do it prior to the course.  There is also some information on how to access tech support and some other useful information.

After setting up my account, I saw different tiles in MyGK. Just to make sure my course registration was complete, I clicked on “Learning” and the AWS Discovery Day course information was there.

It was not yet activated – but the disclaimer indicated it would be active in a month prior to the course,  I clicked on it anyway and it took me to a screen with more tiles.

A new tab opened on my computer showing the option to join a test Zoom meeting (so obviously the course is going to be delivered via Zoom.  My company uses Zoom so I am comfortable with all the settings and navigation options), so I clicked Join – a popup asking if I want to open Zoom Meetings opened.  Then it took me through the standard process of making sure my audio works and the microphone is setup correctly.  After confirming everything worked, a test zoom meeting started and I knew everything was good to go!

Happy Learning!!

note: This blog post was co-authored in partnership with Elisabeth Nason at Global Knowledge.

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10-25-2021 20:00

This is so great! Thanks so much for providing this step by step guide for learners to access great live Global Knowledge courses!