Fed/Govt Trends

By Michael Hendrickson posted 07-23-2021 15:00

Any hypothesis for why the usage for our Federal and Government accounts is changing during previous three years? To me the noticeable and consistent growth with Software Craft/Development is an interesting one.  Security and Infrastructure go hand-in-hand so their slight volatility is mediated when looking at both together. Cloud is the most volatile. Any hypotheses that I could go explore deeper?

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08-19-2021 12:03

I know the DoD is moving more and more things to the cloud, so their IT/Cyber folks need to learn more in that area. Of course, lots of emphasis on security, so that makes sense.

As for programming I see more and more of that being done by the contractors supporting the DoD so if your numbers do not include vendors supporting the Federal and DoD they may be skewed somewhat. Actually, contractors are doing infrastructure work as well.