Why I LOVE Perspectives

By Kiersten Yocum posted 09-20-2021 09:50

Every year, I look forward to this week. The first time I went, it was in Las Vegas. (Anyone remember the sunburned blonde on the first day? I mean SUNBURNED. That was me.) The second time was Vegas as well. Then Orlando. And what I loved about each Perspectives was the ENERGY. I mean, WOW:  the sharing and the discussing and the planning. It's EXCITING!

The sharing at Perspectives is always amazing. Everyone is so eager to share what cool things they've done with their programs. I learn so much every time! Not only from the sessions, but from just talking to folks as they mill around at snack time. Or sitting with someone different at breakfast each morning and finding out who they are and what they do. Coming together at the end of the day for an activity and talking with people about what sparked them that day and got them excited to take back with them. 

Unfortunately, we've lost that aspect of Perspectives for now. We certainly can't sit down for breakfast together.. and you can't see my sunburn unless I turn on my camera. But we CAN keep that energy and excitement of sharing here, on The Learning Edge. Let's share and keep the energy going - before, during, and after Perspectives 2021 Unleashed. 

I'll be here on the Learning Edge during and after Perspectives, sharing what I'm learning with everyone and hoping to have some discussions around the incredible topics that are planned. I hope top see you there, and here, to keep those conversations going!



25 days ago

I too would recommend everyone listen to the Dorie Clark on demand session.  Dorie shares that small acts in the short term can lead to big results.  For example, if we devote 10 minutes a day to our development, we would have achieved 60 hours towards reskilling or upskilling in a year.

09-24-2021 10:43

I do love the sharing and I miss PEOPLE! I love in-person conferences, for all the reasons you mentioned, Kiersten. There is nothing better than sitting at a random table or saying hello to someone while getting coffee and realizing they are one of your customers. I think internal folks learn and need these events as much as our customers do. 
For me, my favorite was probably Shaq. I am a big believer that these conferences are good for both product/company knowledge, but also to fill our own cup, recharge our batteries if you will. 
Hearing Shaq's lessons from his mom, his simple reminders to just put a little goodness into the world once a day, hit me. We can chose to see the hard in the world or choose to see the good. It's all a choice.

I also loved Dorie Clark's event. (Now on Percipio as a live event!) 
Dorie's idea that we can all commit something to our long-term goals, even in the face of today's chaos, was spot on, and is really what Skillsoft is all about, right??! Whether it is 5 percent of our time or 20 percent of our time, we have to do it. 

Love to hear what others enjoyed! Planning for next year will begin in 3, 2, 1...  !!

09-23-2021 13:54

The sharing and networking are some of my favorite elements of Perspectives too, Kiersten! Which of yesterday's sessions most sparked your inspirational flame and why?