Measuring Program Value - Where to Start?

By Amy Gormley posted 10-13-2021 15:21


Did you miss Amy's session? Check it out in the Percipio Community. Look for the ASK ME ANYTHING: VALUE MEASUREMENT thread. 

Does your organization struggle with measuring program value? Do you find yourself looking at reports but are unsure of what to track? Are you interested in measuring how efficient and effective your Skillsoft learning program is, but you are unsure of where to start? 


Come join me in an Ask Me Anything discussion, live on Tuesday October 26th, 2021 at 1pm Eastern with your questions about measuring program value and I will do my best to answer them! 

Measuring the value of your program is one of the most important elements of learning and development, yet it remains one of the biggest challenges faced by learning leaders today. Why is that? Often, there is a lack of confidence, a lack of resources, and a lack of knowledge on knowing what to measure, how to measure and what to do with the data once you have it. Measuring value does not need to be intimidating - think of it as a journey, and not a project. 

Getting started with value measurement can be as simple as answering these questions:

- To describe this program as successful, what criteria needs to be achieved? - Remember, even identifying 1 or 2 criteria is meaningful! 
- What metrics are most important for us to track? How frequently do they need to be tracked and reported? 
- What decisions are you trying to make with the data?

Here at Skillsoft, we have numerous tools and resources available to help you measure program value; but the first step is to determine what measures are important to your organization! Our measurement methodology is designed to help you measure your program's efficiency & effectiveness.

Efficiency metrics tend to focus on program adoption and consumption - Is the program being used? A few sample metrics include:

- Number of Participating Learners
- Number of Assets Accessed
- Time Spent Learning
- Number of Badges Earned
- Cost Savings

Effectiveness metrics are designed to measure the actual learning that has taken place. Is the program working? A few sample metrics include:
- Skill Gain
- Application Rate
- Program Recommendation Rate/Net Promoter Score
- Modality Preferences
- Returning Learner Rate
- Alignment to business initiatives - Top accessed content curriculums, competency mappings, role-based content curation, etc. 

The above sample metrics are simply common "ingredients" that may fit into your program value "recipe" - what other metrics are important to you? 

I look forward to "seeing" you October 26th! 




10-25-2021 12:10

Very excited for this session, thank you Amy!

10-20-2021 08:08

No need to register. Just look for the discussion on Oct 26th at 1 PM, per my comment below. We look forward to seeing you there!

10-20-2021 08:02

I'm looking forward to this session! Is there a registration link available?

10-19-2021 09:02

@Antony Maina, this will be a live Discussion in the Percipio Community. Please look for the discussion thread called ASK ME ANYTHING: VALUE MEASUREMENT on Tuesday October 26th at 1 PM Eastern. We look forward to seeing you there!​

10-19-2021 03:29

Thank you for the quick note on measuring impact. I am looking forward to the session. Please consider introducing registration links that we can extend to our colleagues and clients.